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So are you ready to order? No problem, once you know what type of garments, have your artwork or concept ready, fill out as much of the form as possible to get a quote within 24 business hours.

The more information you can provide the better, but if you don’t know just leave it blank and we can figure it out later. Feel free to call in as well if you would like to talk to a person sooner.


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At Donkey Paw over the years we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility to reduce waste and byproduct wherever possible, going to much further lengths to reduce waste than the typical screen printing shop.

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We have contained screen cleaning and reclamation that contains the process and recycles within itself, compared to the standard of simply washing the byproduct and hazardous chemicals down the drain.

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Every opportunity to recycle or re-purpose we take. We have gone to great lengths to reduce waste by reducing tape usage, re-using ink, re-purposing byproduct, and a recycled rag program which all have a great impact.

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