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Over the years customers wanted to get more than just a shirt. Now majority of our orders include some sort of finishing and we have adapted to the trends offering the latest options.

Interior branding, sew on labels, hang tags, folding and poly bagging are all great ways to turn an item into a retail ready product.


A remarkably versatile one stop.

Interior Branding

The process of taking out the existing label and printing or sewing in your own label has exploded in recent years. Garment manufacturers have started including tear away tags for this purpose.

When relabeling your shirt, we print your brand, the size, and any other info you would like. To have a legal label you must include your Legal Brand name or RN, Fabric Content, Country of Origin, and Wash Instructions either by text or symbols. You can learn more about the laws by clicking the button below.


Sew On Labels

Another popular embellishment that adds a lot of value to a product. We take provided labels or can source you printed or woven labels to then sew onto the garment.

Popular placements include on the hems of the shirts and sleeves, on the neck, or getting a flat label and sewing it direct to the garment which all ad a nice touch.

Just let us know where you want the label, and how you would like it sewn on.

Hang Tags

Attaching a hang tag is a great way to include extra branding, or if your product is destined for retail you can include a barcode, sku, and other details.

We attach provided hang tags by both plastic hanger, or a provided safety pin and tied string. We can source sticker hang tags, which is an extra nice touch and helps spread your brand.

You ready to start your next Branding project?