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Donkey Paw Screen Print FAQ

Where Is Donkey Paw Located?

We are conveniently located in downtown Houston, Texas at the 59 North Freeway and I-10.

Donkey Paw Screen Print & Design

1103 East Fwy, Houston, TX 77002

Please Note: Please call or email before heading over!

Do You Have Contact Info?

Please call us at (713) 732-6935 during our business hours or email us at any time at

What Are Your Hours of Operation?

We are open from 9am until 6pm Monday – Friday.

We are appointment based so please call before visiting.

How do I place an order?

Placing an order is simple if you know what you want and have the information to get started. Here’s what we need to begin:

1. PRINT READY ARTWORK. If you don’t have print-ready professional artwork, we’ve got the skills to help you out.

If you think you have print-ready professional artwork or if you think you can create it, please see Art Guidelines for directions on file preparations.

2. APPAREL STYLE(S), COLOR(S) AND SIZES. We offer thousands of styles, hundreds of colors and a variety of sizes, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get you a custom quote, but remember we can’t give you a complete quote without seeing your artwork and knowing the number of ink colors, print locations, and estimated quantity. Contact us with the garment styles and colors you’re looking for and we’ll get your some options to fit your needs.

3. ORDER DEADLINE. If you have a specific event or date that you need your printed garments, we need to know that date when you place your order. See the Custom Screen Printing for info on order Turnaround Times.

4. SHIPPING + PAYMENT. If we’re shipping your order – we need to know where to send it! Once we have your order details confirmed and you’ve approved your art proof, we can get your order invoiced. We accept cash, business checks, and credit cards, however we do have a convenience fee for credit cards and paypal to cover the associated costs.

When will my order be ready?

Our standard turnaround time is 10-15 business days based on our current workflow. That period of time begins the day we receive approval on Donkey Paw-supplied artwork proofs, final garment quantities, and payment is received. Shipping is not included in our standard turnaround time; all standard shipments go out UPS Ground, please plan accordingly or make other arrangements. For expedited orders, additional fees may apply.

How do Rush Charges work?

We will do everything we can to accommodate your deadline without a rush charge. However, in some cases we may require a rush fee if overtime is needed to meet your deadline. Rush charges apply to all printing and artwork totals on your invoice.

One Week/5 Business Days: add 15% of the total order

Three Business Days: add 25% of the total order

Two Business Days: add 30 % of the total order

Overnight: add 40% of the total order (not always available, please email us first!)

Same day: add 50% of the total order (not always available, please email us first!)

Please note, this does not include Rush Shipping Fees – if that applies to you.

We DO NOT offer a refund on rush fees.

What are the costs associated with my order?

We try hard to eliminate hidden costs, setup fees, screen charges, etc. – however every order is unique and requires different needs and thus potentially different costs. We charge for the following services and products, but few orders get charged all of these:

Professional Graphic Design and Illustration – Basic artwork is billed at $50/hr., custom designs are billed at $50-$75/hr. depending on the complexity of the project. Every project is unique, contact the Design Office for more information.

Screen Charges – We offer FREE Screen setups starting with all orders over 30qty per design. When necessary, screen charges are billed $25/screen.

Garment Cost + Printing – The cost of your garment and printing are combined, together this becomes the majority of the cost of your printed order. On many orders, this is the only charge on your invoice. This price varies with every garment style, order quantity, print locations, and number of ink colors per location. Please contact us for a custom quote and feel free to send over your print-ready artwork if you have it. If you still have artwork to finish or have us design, that’s not a problem either.

Oversized Garments – Every garment sized XXL or larger comes with an increased cost from our suppliers. Each garment style has a different price but usually we bill oversized garments all the same at an additional $2/ea. Please note that not every garment style is available in every size, in fact a few only come in sizes S-L but most come in sizes S-XXL. Please let us know if you need some big sizes.

Color Change Fees – When our customers request us to change the ink colors during the print run for different ink colors on different garments during a single order, we charge $10/color for color change fees.

Water-based + Discharge Printing – Water-based and Discharge screen printing come with additional costs because of the additional setup time, complexity, and cost of materials. Our standard minimum for water-based order is 30 qty with all the regular price breaks. Your cost depends on your artwork and order qty, but expect to pay about 10% more for water-based ink and 15% more for discharge orders. Remember some garments can’t be printed with water-based or discharge inks, so contact us to get the low down on your order.

Less than Minimum Qty from Specialty Suppliers – We request a 48qty minimum when ordering specialty garments from specialty suppliers because shipping isn’t cheap and somebody has to pay for it. In some cases we’re able to combine small orders with larger ones and eliminate this cost. In other situation we have to charge less than minimum fee of $20 to recoup expensive shipping costs on small orders. Some customers add garments after we’ve ordered their blanks and then we need to place an additional garment order and pay for shipping twice, in these cases there is also a Less than Minimum fee for the ad-on garments. This cost is easy to avoid if you want to!

What are your screen charge fees?

Screen charges are only billed as necessary and all orders with a minimum of 30 garments per design get FREE screen charges. All other apparel screens are billed at $25/screen for apparel printing. All poster screens are billed at $40/screen for screen printed posters.

Can we get samples?

Blank garment samples are encouraged if you are looking for a specific color, style or fit. Provided you place an order with us using the sample(s), we bill the samples with your regular order. However, if you decide not to order the samples or not to order at all, then you will be required to pay a sample cost for the blank piece and any necessary shipping.

Printed sample costs are the equivalent of ordering one t-shirt and will always be subject to setup charges. Screen printed samples are subject to the same processing times as regular orders so please plan accordingly.

Can you ship my order?

Of course we can ship your order. UPS loves taking our customer packages when they deliver our goods. We ship via UPS or USPS depending on the size of your order and your deadline. Shipping times are not factored into our standard turnaround times. If you need an order to arrive on a certain date, please provide us with that date when you place your garment order. Shipping charges based on order details. For expedited orders, additional fees may apply. We are not responsible for lost or stolen garment orders and we always insure shipments for the replacement cost.

How do I pick my ink colors?

When selecting your colors be sure to use our Ink Color swatches or the Pantone Solid Coated book. This book most accurately represents final cured ink on actual garments. If you cannot provide a Pantone number, please provide a printed sample of the color you’re looking for and we will color match according to that sample. If you’re only picking ink colors off a computer screen or inkjet print out, Beware! Every computer and every printer are color calibrated differently, there is no industry standard for color calibration. Your computer screen will differ from ours and your printer will differ from ours – this is a dangerous option especially if you’re particular.

What are my garment style options?

Fortunately for our customers we offer thousands of garment options, styles and colors from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers. If you’re an indecisive person, this can be a problem, but we’ll do our best to guide you through the options or set you free to browse websites for an endless evening of indecision. Unfortunately there is not a single website or catalog we can provide to view all available garment options and their prices. Our staff does have a wealth of knowledge and resources so we encourage you to contact us to help you find your ideal garment style. While most printers work with just a handful of manufacturers or suppliers, we specialize in custom printing and are focused on working with customers to deliver the right blend of garment style and function. We offer Bella/Canvas, American Apparel, Alternative Apparel and a variety of other specialty garment options in addition to the more standard Gildan, Anvil, and similar product lines. We print on a large variety of items including t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, polo’s, youth shirts, infant onesies, shorts, sweatpants, jerseys, handbags, totes, patches, jackets, bandannas, scarves, napkins, wine sleeves, burlap sacks, head bands, hats, and even fabric books. We also work with specialty suppliers for restaurant industry options, work wear, sports apparel, and hats

How do you need my artwork?

All artwork is preferred in vector format, saved to CS6 at full size as Adobe Illustrator or Illustrator pdf files with all fonts outlined. Raster graphics must be created at full size, at 300 dpi or higher and should have each color on its own layer. We accept the following hi-resolution file formats: ai, pdf, eps, svg, psd, tiff, and some hi-resolution jpgs. Vector files and color-separated, print-ready artwork is strongly encouraged and will eliminate or minimize all art charges. All fonts must be converted to outlines or the font file(s) must be included with artwork. If you have questions regarding the print readiness of your artwork, please contact your graphic designer or our art department. Please do not send any Microsoft documents for printing. There are no Microsoft programs that allow users to create hi-resolution graphics for professional screen printing. If you do submit your artwork as low-resolution graphics, it will be subject to design charges necessary to re-create your artwork as a print-ready graphic.

What are your graphic design capabilities?

We are experienced graphic designers and illustrators whom work with a variety of print mediums on a regular basis, with a focus on custom graphic apparel design for our customers. Beyond t-shirt design, we offer a variety of graphic design, illustration and marketing services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. Please see our design gallery for samples of our apparel design work. Please contact us if you’re interested in our other design and marketing capabilities. Our creative design rates are $50 – $75/hr. based on the extent of your project. If you’re having trouble determining exactly what you want, please contact us to discuss your design needs and we’ll help walk you through the process.

I have an idea, can you design it?

Yes our design can bring ideas to life, but there are a number of things to keep in mind if you’re considering hiring our creative design office for your apparel graphics:

Copyright Laws

Design Time and Costs

Creative Design Styles

Our Design Experience

Marketing and Design

I have shirts, can you print them?

Printing on customer-supplied garments is something we do regularly for a small variety of customers. If you’re interested in providing garments for printing, please ensure they are all new, unworn, and unwashed for the best printing results. Used, old garments may cause problems during the printing process. If you’re interested in printing with water-based inks, on any type of specialty garment, or with custom print locations, please contact us to be sure the garments that you want to work with will work for the printing. We know the many limitations of the garments that we work with, but if you’re ordering you’re own garments we can’t take responsibility for the quality of your garments or if your garments will be ideal for printing.

What Is The Maximum Print Size You Can Do?

 Our standard print size runs up to 12″ wide by 17″ tall.

 Our maximum oversized print size is 15″ wide by 20″ tall. Oversized prints will come with oversized screen fees.

 We can do all over prints (read specifics below) as well, just note that larger prints require extra time to set up, as well as to print.

I Want To Print from the Collar of My Shirt To The Bottom (also known as an “all over” print), Can I?

Yes you can! But please keep in mind that if you want to do this cost effectively (particularly for small print runs), it’s best to size your design to one t-shirt size. Meaning, if you want to do a full print for every size, you have to pay a screen fee for every shirt size. We suggest sizing it to the small and using the same screens for the whole run. This process takes 12-15 business days and has a minimum of 72 pieces per size.

Can I Do 1 T-shirt?

Yes you can! But all the screen fees do apply which makes it a bit pricey!

Do You Offer Discounted Prices?

Our prices are already pretty reasonable, but with that being said, every once in a while we will have sales on items or give out coupons for first time orders.

Do you offer embroidery?

Yes we do offer embroidery. Embroidery is quite different than screen printing and comes with its own opportunities and limitations, please contact us for a custom quote for your embroidery project.

What is your payment policy?

Payment is required in full at the time your order is placed unless other arrangements are made in advance. We accept Cash, business and local checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. We must receive payment before your order is printed and late payment will delay your order.

What is your misprint policy?

We inspect all garments before, during and after printing to ensure the highest quality; but we are human. We do our best to provide the highest quality garment possible. All of our shirts are hand-printed and sometimes there are some print or color variances. Through our specialty printing processes there is a possibility that not every shirt will be exactly the same. Subtle difference between each printed shirt is part of the brilliance of manual screen-printing. From time to time human error surpasses our limits of professional printing and misprints occur. We do not charge for misprinted shirts that are brought to our attention immediately. Misprints that exceed 3 shirts or 3% of the original order–5 shirts or 5% for water-based orders–and those orders below our quality levels may be replaced at our expense. If you have a complicated order and are in need of an exact number of shirts, we recommend that you order a few extra, particularly in the case of an order printed with water-based inks. Any misprint issues must be brought to our attention within 2 weeks of garment delivery and garments must be returned in original unused condition.

We are not responsible for any imperfections in provided garments (contract printing) and cannot offer misprint replacements on provided garment orders.

Donkey Paw reserves the right to refund, replace or correct the entire returned order, at the discretion of management. Any replacement orders will be done to the specifications of the original invoice only. No modifications to the art, number or sizes of garments, print location, color or changes to the original order will be allowed. Please allow 7 days for replacements. Replacement orders will be shipped according to the original shipping method listed on the invoice.

In the event you do not desire replacements or corrections, Donkey Paw management reserves the right to approve or disapprove all refund requests and discounts.

There will be no refund in an amount exceeding the cost of the contract printing invoice.

A restocking fee of 20% will be assessed to all canceled orders where Donkey Paw provides garments, without exception.

Will you print this artwork? Our world views are quite diverse, and we are very open-minded, but we reserve the right to refuse an order if we find it to be of a questionable nature. We will not print artwork that seriously promotes hate, racism, sexism, or other offensive materials.

Will you sponsor us and give us a discount on our order? Probably not, but maybe. We’ve been asked by hundreds of organizations, individuals, sports teams, friends, fundraisers, political campaigns and small businesses to put our logo on their shirts in return for a discounted or free shirt. Sorry, but giving away our service is not a sustainable marketing strategy for any small business and a logo by itself does very little for us. There are ways to get a discounted price on your shirt orders and the most reliable ways are through referral discounts, non-profit discounts and taking advantage of our special offers.

If you’re looking for a FREE order or heavily discounted order, please be prepared to offer us some equally great and FREE advertising and marketing services in return and we’ll consider it.

If you’re already a loyal customer working on an awesome community-focused event, you’ve already got our ear. Let us know the details and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!

What’s with this Non-Profit Discount? Donkey Paw has supported local organizations in a variety of ways since our beginning. We offer non-profit discount screen printing rates for community-focused, non-profit service organizations. If your non-profit is larger than most small businesses, you might not qualify – but it can’t hurt to try. The discount is available towards the printing of your apparel goods. Please contact us to see if your organization qualifies for a non-profit discount.

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